Wedding Trends to Watch for 2017

Some trends for 2017 and 2018 are mainstays that have been in style for a while but there are some new ones to add to the trends to watch list as well.

Metallics paired with white

Cooper and brushed metallics give an industrial vibe but the white softens the feel making it a perfect neutral combination that will pair well with most accent colors.


Paper flower bouquets

Whether you are a fan of litterateur, want a bouquet that will last forever, or just looking for something unique, paper flowers are a great option.



Rustic has been a popular theme for several years and that is expected to continue. It is a simple and romantic theme. The items to pull this theme together are easy to find and do not require a lot of DIY.



Like rustic, vintage has been a popular wedding theme for several years. There are a lot of things that are easy to find but things like china and glassware may be a little more challenging to find depending on the look you are going for. No matter how you do vintage, it is a romantic feel for any wedding.


High Drama

A newer trend is about a lot of drama. This theme focuses on bold colors and patterns. They are a lot of fun and are as unique as the couples themselves.


Pure Romance

Weddings light with candles and chandeliers will always be in style. This is especially true if you pair it with soft colors to create an all around romantic glow.



From elaborate and creative themes such as movie themes, woodland themes, and more are becoming very popular and are as different as the couples.


Jewel-toned color palettes

Traditionally weddings have been white and pale colors. That is all changing with bright jewel toned colors that look fabulous.


Naked cake

The naked cake trend can invoke strong feelings. One group will think it looks gorgeous and light. The other will think it looks unfinished. We think they are beautiful and love this new trend.












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