A Unique Take on Tented Events

Getting a tent in case of rain is a great back up plan, but what if it doesn’t rain? You don’t DSC_0058don’t want to spoil the scenery if it is a nice day. A great way to address this issue is to secure a frame tent and leave the tent top off if it will be a nice day! This way you can use the tent you booked and get the view you want.

What if it does not rain?

You book a tent in case of rain and now 3 days out they are calling for sun. Unfortunately, once you book a tent, it is yours. Now what? You can make the call to leave the top off of the tent before it is installed but still use the frame for decor and lighting.

When this idea works

This option is great if there is a low chance of rain for the day of your event at the time the tent is being installed. You still run the risk of it raining and not having cover, but if the rain chance is 0% at 3 days out then you are probably safe.

The pictured event was a wedding, but this could work for any tented event.

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