Terms & Conditions

Making a Reservation

To confirm a reservation we require your contact information, a valid credit card number on file, a non-refundable reservation fee, and a signed rental contract. The reservation fee is equal to 33% of your order total and is applied towards your final balance. Your order will not be considered ‘reserved’ until a reservation fee and signed contract are received.


Payments can be made in any of the following ways: credit card, cash or check. We take payments in person, over the phone, by email, or by mail. You may pay the final balance on your account at any point before your event, however we must receive final payment 10 days in advance of delivery date. There is a 3% processing fee for credit card.

Changes and Cancellations

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. The day you book your order the items are considered out of our inventory for your date and thus made unavailable to other potential customers. This ensures you will have all the items you need on the date you require them. Because of this, we do have certain policies regarding changes to your order.

All reductions in numbers must be received 10 days prior to your delivery date. Any reductions or cancellations made within 10 days will be subject to a cancellation fee. Any increases in your numbers must be made prior to delivery or customer pick-up and are subject to item availability. You may make changes by phone, email or in person. See our cancellation policy below for more detailed information.

Cancellation Policy

If an event is cancelled, the 33% deposit is forfeited. It can however be applied to the balance of a future event, minus the cost of the tent, as tents are non-cancellable,  for up to 1 year.

There is a 100% cancellation fee for tents.


Delivery and Pick-up

Delivery rates are based on zip code and dropped off to a point immediately accessible to our truck, usually your driveway, garage, or yard or under our tent. Should you require delivery beyond our truck tailgate or need set-up and take down assistance of items, please request a quote prior to your event.

Our trucks will deliver until their schedule is complete. Should you have special delivery requests, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. As there are many deliveries in a day it is not always possible to give exact delivery times. For an additional fee it is possible to arrange for before – and after – hours deliveries, as well as time specific deliveries.

Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery. Tables and chairs must be folded, free of any tape, string, etc, and stacked neatly. Linens must be placed in nylon bags provided. China, glassware and flatware must be “dishwasher ready” and placed back in their supplied containers. All original containers and boxes must be returned. If your order is not ready for pick-up when Elite Tents and Events arrives, a fee for break down will be charged. A half day rental fee and a delivery fee will apply if we can’t pick up items on the scheduled pick up date.


We will set up all tents, all tent specific accessories, dance floors, portable flooring, staging, and Elite lighting. We are available to set up chairs, tables, and other items for an additional set-up and take-down fee. We do not offer set up of table settings, linens, or other general decor items.

Please Check to Make Sure Your Order is Complete

We do our best to make sure your order is complete. If you discover any missing or damaged items upon receipt, please contact us immediately so that we can make arrangements to replace the items if desired. If it is after store hours please leave a message or call our after-hours emergency line. We will contact you as soon as possible. We CANNOT accept disputes after an event is over.

Return of Linens and Catering Items

On return, linens must be dry to prevent mildew, free of any wax, food or confetti and placed in the nylon bags provided. Do not place damp linens in plastic bags. The plates and cutlery must be scraped and rinsed clean of any food, glasses must be empty and food service items must be rinsed out. All items are to be placed back into the containers they arrived in. Avoid leaving excess water in the bottom of any containers as any metal pieces may rust. A cleaning fee of $300.00 will apply to all table ware orders. To be refunded if all items are returned as stated above.

**We often receive back items that do not belong to us. You will be informed as soon as possible after your event if there is anything here to pick-up. We will store the items for no longer than 10 days. If we have not heard from you after 10 days, the items will be discarded or donated to a local charity.**

To avoid extra charges, we recommend that you count your order before returning it to ensure all items and packaging are accounted for. Elite Tents and Events also counts every order when it is returned to our warehouse. If you are not willing or able to wait for your order to be counted by Elite Tents and Events staff upon return, then we will not accept any disputes or missing or damaged items. As we take in many orders in a day, there may be a slight wait as returns are counted on a first come, first serve basis.

Missing and Damaged Items

If you have missing or damaged items upon return, you will be informed as soon as possible. If the missing items cannot be found or if we are unable to contact you or the person responsible within 48 hours of your specified return date, replacement fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. If any items can be located and returned within one week of your specified return date, we will refund the full amount. No refund after one week. Repair fees for damaged items must be paid upon receipt of an invoice. Any items considered un-rentable by Elite Tents and Events standards will be charged at full replacement value. The customer is responsible for the goods from the time of customer pick-up/delivery until the items are returned to Elite Tents and Events. Be sure that all equipment is secure and protected from the weather while it is in your possession. We do charge for soiled, broken, damaged or missing items, including packaging materials. There will be an extra cleaning charge for any equipment with hard to remove stains. The protection plan only covers items that are returned, so if something is damaged, make sure to return the item.

Unused Equipment

Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. Every item that leaves our building is treated the same way upon return, used or not. No refunds are given for items that were not used during your event.

Late Customer Returns

Late returns will be charge a half-day rental rate for each day. If you are not able to return your rentals on time, please inform Elite Tents and Events so that we are able to make a note on your account. If we require the items for another order, we will make arrangements to pick the items up ourselves, at the cost of a one-way pick-up fee, charged to the credit card on file.

Equipment use

Make sure all TAPE, LIGHTS (that you have installed), FOOD, etc. are COMPLETELY REMOVED from all rented equipment BEFORE
PICKUP or you may be charged a cleaning fee of at least $200. Streamers are not allowed on tents.

Protection Plan

Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from delivery/customer pick-up to return. A non-refundable damage waiver of 9% is
placed on all rental orders and can be removed if requested prior to delivery or customer pick up. This protects you from unforeseen costs of repairing accidental
damage to equipment. This does not cover loss or damage due to theft, misuse, abuse or unsecured items. All damaged items must be returned to be covered under
the protection plan.



Due to limited availability, TENT RESERVATIONS ARE NON-CANCELLABLE. Additionally, it is understood that NOTHING can be attached to, or go under the tent that
has not been authorized by – or – provided by Elite Tents and Events. Please be aware that there may be a permit required (depending on jurisdiction). It is the
customer’s responsibility to determine and, if necessary, obtain the required permit. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there are no utility
lines on private property when the customer has identified the tent placement. ELITE Tents and Events are NOT RESPONSIBLE for hitting any lines on private property
when the customer has identified the tent placement. Have tent area ready 3 days prior to the Event.


Place something in the yard where you wish the tent or inflatable to go. Let us know what you have placed there so we can let our delivery crew know
what to look for. This will help make the delivery process go smoothly. Please do this at least 1 day prior to delivery.

If no marked placement area, our crew will exercise their best judgement for placement.



Cooking is not allowed under our tents without the consent of Elite Tents and Events. Damage from cooking is not covered under the Protection Plan.


Inflatables will be delivered and picked up on the day of the event unless other arrangements have been discussed. This clarification is necessary when
there are also tents, tables or chairs scheduled which are TYPICALLY delivered a day or two before the weekend and picked up after the weekend. (EX: the inflatables
WILL NOT be delivered on Friday and picked up on Monday) Also, have an extension cord run to the Inflatable location.


Inflatables, if it is raining the morning of your event and you reschedule, we will be happy to apply your deposit to the new date subject to availability. There is
no cancellation for a FORECAST of possible rain due to the uncertainty of the local weather patterns. Deposits are forfeited if you cancel and do not reschedule.


Elite Tents and Events shall be held harmless for property damage, personal injury or other damages/losses claimed
to have been caused by or arising out of the use of equipment, delivery of equipment, instructions (if any) provided to you or arising out of Elite Tents and Events

Delivery times may vary from what is listed on the contract due to the unforeseen situations that may arise on earlier deliveries and/ or weather.
We appreciate your understanding.