Masquerade Themed Wedding

A masquerade is a great way to create an atmosphere of celebration at a wedding while keeping it a formal affair. Celebrating royal and aristocratic weddings was the original purpose of a masquerade after 4ad079cd4bcf0b257cc47b9ebfb28764all.

What is a masquerade?

A masquerade is a ball that used to be associated with carnival season in Europe and they usually ended a day at the carnival. The most famous example of a masquerade is the one associated with the Vienna carnival. For more information on masquerades, go here.

Order of events

The order of events most common for a masquerade themed wedding is below:

  1. Ceremony
  2. Cocktail hour and entertainment
  3. Dinner
  4. Masquerade ball


If you are looking to add the masquerade theme to your ceremony, you can

  • wear a mask,
  • add masks to the flower arrangements,
  • have the wedding party wear outfits that look like ball attire from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s,
  • or incorporate dark colors such as purple and green with metallic accents to the decor.

Cocktail hour and entertainment

Adding elements of a carnival to cocktail hour can be fun and different. Stilt walkers and fir eaters are fun entertainment best done outdoors, while jugglers can be indoors or outdoors. Carnival food such as popcorn, candy apples and cotton candy will help add to the carnival atmosphere.


Incorporating the masquerade theme into dinner is easy. Use little masks in the centerpieces or having a mask at each place setting are simple options. Gold or silver plates will add to the masquerade wedding theme as well. To create contrast and have a unified theme, keep the linens simple.


Whether you have the ball indoors or outdoors, masks are a must for a masquerade! Make sure you provide them at the place settings at dinner or as people enter the dance area. If you are not providing masks for everyone, make sure guests know to bring their own and have some on hand in case people forget to bring one.

Having a formal dance or two is a fun way to expand on the masquerade theme.

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