Managing Your Wedding and Event Vendors

Managing all of the vendors for your wedding or event comes down to organization. No matter your style, there is a way to tame the madness.

Separate Email

The first suggestion is to create a separate email for your wedding/event or designate one email where everything will be sent. This will make looking back on conversations much easier.

Planning Websites

Whether you are planning a wedding, a large fundraiser, or any other event, you are likely going to need to manage various vendors and suppliers and there is likely an online tool that fits your style. Below are a few that our customers have used.


Creating Your Own System

There are a lot of resources you can use to create your own system if you don’t want to use (or pay for) one.

An easy way to create a paper system is to print out a standard form you design or download and fill out all the information for each vendor. Put this is a binder in sheet protectors with the contracts behind them. This will allow you to keep track of all the information. You can even keep all of your quotes in the binder in the back and move signed contracts to the front so you have who you talking to in an easy to access place in case they are needed.

If you are more tech savvy, you can do the same thing in Google drive. This way all of the information needed is in a uniform template making it easy to find (things like company name, contact info, overview of services contracted, etc.)

No matter how you decide to organize your vendors, decide on a system before you start making calls. This way you have a way of tracking who you have contacted.

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