Helpful Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can span as long as 2 years and as your wedding day approaches there is a lot of excitement and stress. Below are a few tips to help you manage the stress and maximize the excitement.

  1. Use clear bags for everything – trash, gifts, everything should go in clear bags so you can see what is in the bag. This will be helpful when you are gathering gifts, linens and anything else that needs to make it home after the wedding and ensures only trash is thrown away.
  2. Designate responsibilities РMake sure you designate someone to pay final bills, take the gifts home, return rental items and anything else you may need removed from your venue.
  3. Communicate with your wedding party – Create an itinerary for everything that they are expected to attend. This should include hair/ nail appointments, rehearsal and pictures.
  4. Know your contracts – Make sure you go over your contracts and know when you have your venue, when the vendors should arrive and leave, and what is included in each contract to make sure you do not double rent anything or forget to rent things such as linens.
  5. Finalize headcount – Most caterer’s need at least 2 weeks notice for your final headcount. Getting that as early as possible will help you finalize contracts and seating charts.

Above all else, don’t forget to enjoy your Wedding Day.



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